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Keeping your vehicle looking good should not be your Number #1 priority, vehicle safety should be. When it comes to your vehicle, people need to know that when they are driving around that they are safe and secure. You should be alert to any changes in your vehicle especially when it comes to marks on your windshield. If your windshield is chipped cracked or broken, it not only gives off a bad appearance by it is extremely unsafe to drive with your windshield in a damaged condition.

Windshield Crack Repair

GlassDM Windshield Repair knows that your windshield was designed to protect the driver and the passengers inside from injuries or harm that can occur from flying debris or collisions. Some of the debris that can hit your windshield include pebbles, rocks, tire pieces and trash among other things. It is the driver’s responsibility to make sure your windshield is in good condition so it can do what it was designed to do – protect you.

Any damage to the windshield, no matter how small or minor it might seem to you, can significantly decrease your vehicle’s safety. Your safety restraint system is directly connected to your windshield and your airbags. If your windshield is damaged, your airbags might not deploy if there is a collision.

Make sure you call Glass Done Mobile Windshield Repair the moment you notice any signs of damage to your windshield. We can send a technician straight to you anywhere in Texas with our free Glass DM Windshield Repair’s mobile services. If you do not immediately repair your windshield when it gets damaged, the cracks will continuously spread getting larger and much more difficult to repair. Rock chips might not seem like a problem but they will turn into large cracks quickly. The good news is rock chip repairs are quick and affordable. GlassDM Windshield Repair has the most competitive prices in Texas so you will not have to worry about the windshield repair breaking your budget.

Classic Angelwing Crack

Road debris can become a serious hazard to your vehicle’s windshield. When rubble or rocks hit your windshield head on, it will result in a crack or chip that will continuously grow and become increasing dangerous until the damage is fixed. What most people do not realize is that the majority of the time cracks and chips can be repaired if the damage is caught early enough which is a lot cheaper than having to replace the vehicle’s entire windshield.

The trick is not to wait. Often, when debris hits your windshield the glass is usually marked at the point of impact by what is known as a bull’s eye crack. If this crack is left untreated, the small chip will spread throughout the entire windshield like a spider web. Never wait to repair chips or cracks in your windshield because they will only get worse over time by vibrations in the road, changes in temperature or more debris hitting the windshield. GlassDM Windshield Repair has mobile service that you can call for information about windshield repair, discuss options and get approximate quotes.

Windshield Crack Repair

Cracks and chips in the windshield actually compromise a vehicle’s safety. Most people don’t know how much of a role the windshield plays in the vehicles safety restraint system along with seat belts and airbags. The safety restraint system, also referred to as SRS, is specifically designed to keep the driver and passengers contained in the vehicle during a car accident. The windshield supports your vehicle’s structural integrity and keeps the vehicle’s roof from collapsing if there is a collision or roll over.

The windshield supports the deployment of the vehicle’s airbags. Advanced windshield technology was designed to actually flex and cushion the impact and blow if a passenger is thrusted forward into the windshield. If your windshield is cracked, chipped, broken or not installed properly, all of the safety features will be compromised.

Although most windshield cracks and chips can be repaired by GlassDM Windshield Repair, some damage might cause the windshield to have to be replaced. Approximately 70% of all windshield replacements could have been simply repaired had the driver of the vehicle called Dallas Windshield Repair earlier.

Windshield Repairs Include Stars, Bulls Eyes, Rock Chips and Long Cracks.

General Rule For Windshield Repairs

As a general rule, a bull’s eye chip that is 1 ½ inches or smaller or a crack smaller than 6 inches long can usually be repaired. When Dallas Windshield Repair’s mobile service arrives at your location in Dallas, TX, they will assess the damage and let you know if your vehicle is a good candidate for windshield repair. If for any reason, the crack or chip continues to spread, we will provide a full money back guarantee.

If the damage was not fixed early enough or the damage is too severe, GlassDM Windshield Repair will replace the windshield onsite. Glass Done Mobile uses only the highest quality parts and material to ensure that our work is reliable. We will always stand behind our auto glass workmanship and service.